A HUGE thank you for visiting my site.  Here is my favorite question: "If you're going to eat healthy, why wouldn't you choose to lavish yourself in healthy, all natural, products as well?"  Since our skin is the largest organ of our body, it would only make sense.

For my tallow product line, the suet is carefully chosen from naturally raised, grass-fed cows.  I take this normally discarded product and process it with care, by hand, and gently render at a low heat to produce a very high quality, pure tallow.

Health benefits of tallow products include: 
  • Stearic acid and oleic acid are both found in the protective outer layer of the skin and in our naturally occurring skin oils.  These fatty acids have moisturizing, softening, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties
  • CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • Palmitoleic acid - (Omega 7) is the most active anti-microbial found in our sebum (skin oil).  Palmitoleic acid is also a basic building block of our skin, but it's production declines as we grow older
  • Palmitic acid - aids with smoothing the appearance of skin and helps to improve barrier protection.  Production in skin also declines as we grow older.
  • Perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 that have a role in maintaining the structural integrity and barrier function of skin.  They also influence inflammatory and immune responses in the skin.
  • Vitamins A, D, E and K are particularly nurturing for your skin, and are only, naturally, found together in animal products.
*Pure grass fed tallow is uniquely compatible with our skin* 

Tallow is naturally rich in the same kinds of lipids that are found in healthy looking skin.  4Roots grass fed tallow contains fat-soluble Vitamins A,D,E and K.  All these vitamins are perfectly balanced and blended by nature with no required enrichment.

Your healthy skin is a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss and protection from infection, inflammation and injury.

The fatty acids in pure grass-fed tallow are similar in molecular structure and composition to those found in the protective outer layer of human skin and in naturally produced skin oils called sebum.  This allows grass-fed tallow to absorb easily into the skin to improve our protective skin barrier, prevent moisture loss and regenerate the appearance of healthy looking skin.

Do tallow products smell?
Pure tallow is a cream colored solid, once rendered and free from any impurities, with a subtle scent.  I blend it with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to create healthy clean skin products!

4Roots is committed to making healthy products available to our customers.  I recognize the importance of the roots that we plant in our families and communities.  All things thrive based on what they get from their roots and you can apply that logic to health, family, friendships and community.  Those roots create strength.  A tree with strong roots laughs at life's storms.  God provided everything we need on this earth to thrive and I am committed to bringing them to you in a product line containing only natural, organic and essential oils.

Proverbs: 31:25-27